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In order to achieve and maintain dramatic skin care results, you must use high quality, proven skin care on a consistent basis. Through the Auto-Ship system, customers can designate a specific time interval (such as every 30, 60, 90 days) to receive their favorite skin care products. As a further value incentive, gives a 10% discount off the initial product order and 20% off each subsequent automatic shipment.

Creating your Auto Ship Account

An Automatic Shipment is set up on your account with when you complete an initial standard order that includes items designated for Automatic Shipment.

After you have set up an Automatic Shipment you will be able to view all your order information from the “My Account” area. From this area you will be able to view your order details, remove recurring products, change product quantities, change the schedule of shipments, update the next shipment date, and change billing/shipping information.

Once you have completed your order, you will be able to access your Auto Ship account to view details, remove items, change quantity and frequency, adjust the next shipment date, edit your shipping and billing address, and update your credit card information.

Each Auto Ship item must be assigned to a quantity and frequency of shipment schedule. Certain products are excluded from the Auto Ship program. Please refer to the individual product pages for more information. The initial order will be discounted 10% off its current price and each subsequent automatic shipment will be discounted 20% off its current price. These discounts are only available on qualified products. Discounts may vary.

Automatic Shipment Procedures and Notifications

If you wish to select two products to automatically ship and both products will be shipping within seven days of each other, these products will be grouped and shipped together in a single package. They will ship on the earlier of the two original ship dates.

The option is available from your account management page to receive a notice five days before your automatic shipment is processed. Receiving this reminder allows you to make any changes to your order before it is processed.

You will be contacted if any of the products associated with your order are out of stock or discontinued. You will also receive a notification if there are any problems processing your credit card.

Managing Your Automatic Shipment Settings Credit cards are the only method of payment allowed on orders containing products set-up for Automatic Shipment. Payments for automatically shipped products will include the cost of the product, the cost of shipping, and all applicable taxes.

Your credit card information will be stored securely with your account profile and will be billed every time an automatic shipment related to your account is processed. These shipments will be processed based on the settings chosen by the customer.

All billing and shipping addresses used on automatic shipments will be stored with your customer account. These addresses are available for edits on your account profile page.

New automatic shipments can be created by designating products for Automatic Shipment during the standard checkout process, or by contacting our customer service representatives. The new automatic shipment will take the credit card information used at checkout and save that information for all future instances of automatic fulfillment in relation to that product.

Canceling Your Automatic Shipments

In order to cancel an automatic shipment you will need to complete one of two processes.

- Option A: Access your customer account area and remove all automatic shipments from your automatic shipment management area.

- Option B: Contact a customer service representative to remove the associated automatically shipped products from your account. reserves the right to cancel any account at any time for any reason including, but not limited to suspected fraud, violation of terms and conditions, and delivery issues. reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions for automatic shipments at any time without notice.
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