• Melvita Skincare has made a splash throughout Europe with their holistic, organic formulas and nature inspired products. Originally developed in 1983, Bernard Chevilliat created Melvita after discovering that organic honey helps heal and repair the skin. Today, Melivta products contain a variety of natural, restorative ingredients including argan oil, evening primrose and avocado oils. Committed to the environment, Melvita Skincare produces certifed organic formulas using ingredients harvested using environmentally-safe practices.

    Rose Floral Water is the ideal alternative to traditional, cosmetic toners. Using a blend of Rose Water and Citric Acid, this Floral Water tones, cleanses and repairs. Rose Water helps tone and remove impurities, while the Citric Acid brightens and smoothes skin tone. “I use it every morning. The fresh rose scent makes me feel great!” – Michelle, SkinBotanica Customer.

    Argan Oil is a secret weapon for improving and repairing skin and hair. The oil’s essential vitamins and antioxidant blend naturally restores and nourishes, leaving skin and hair in its healthiest state. This product is especially helpful for dry and aging skin leaving you looking refreshed and revived. "I like to add a few drops of this pure argan oil to smooth and moisturize my dry hair.” – Ashley Lala, SkinBotanica Customer.