• Awaken your skin to a wise, fresh, and entirely natural realm of skin care. In 1921, Dr. Rudolf Steiner founded Weleda Skin Care in Arlesheim, Switzerland with the goal of attaining personal health and well-being through Anthroposophy. An ancient Greek practice, Anthroposophy means "human wisdom" and evolved to encourage the practice of promoting individual health while reflecting on it impacts on our environment and the world around us.

    Steiner chose the name, Weleda, to honor female Celtic healers who understood the enormity and importance of nature. Embodying the symbolism behind the name, Weleda uses only the finest, most natural ingredients to fuel its products. Botanicals and herbs such as Sage Leaf, Stinging Nettle, Wild Rose, and Clover Flower are used to heal, moisturize, clarify, and increase strength and resistance of both hair and skin.

    Products such as the Skin Food and Wild Rose Deodorant are known and desired for their effectiveness and comfort. By nurturing skin with healthy, skin-soothing ingredients, Weleda promotes a more beautiful you without compromising the environment in the process.