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What inspired you to start Sophyto?
Years of looking for a natural range that could offer me results I could genuinely see. The natural brands then were great for moisturising etc, but didn't really go much beyond that. I could see a real void in the market for women who wanted to make a lifestyle change to more health conscious products, but who in the process did not want to compromise on efficacy. So that was the beginning of a very long r&d journey which resulted in SOPHYTO being the very first professional certified organic skincare in the market.
What makes your products unique?
1. Preservation: With growing concerns over traditional preservatives such as parabens, SOPHYTO invented a part food grade solution that offers broad-spectrum activity and multifunctionality which means it can be utilized in a wide variety of our products. Instead of a harsh, aggressive approach with bacteria and fungi, this system primarily functions by creating a more hostile environment within the formulation for microbes to overcome. Our preservative system not only provides effective protection against product spoilage, but it can also ensure the skin's pH remains in normal range which is vital in supporting it's natural functions.

2. Results: This is another challenging area for any natural/organic based formula, but our rather unusual techniques of working with ingredients became fundamental when using specific methods of working with 'complete’ nutrients from whole foods and botanicals, applying chinese and western medicine, ayurvedic, homeopathy and naturopathic remedies. SOPHYTO formulas provide multiple biological effects derived from complex mixtures of plant chemicals that have scientifically been proven to be more potent than just one element, based upon the fact that nutrients can and do influence each other. The combined presence of these high percentages of bioactivity are essential for optimal efficacy in our range.

What is your favourite product and why?
Oh boy, that is very, very difficult, each product really does have it's own unique and individual qualities. I may well have to say Ultra Mild Silken Cleanser because cleansing is one of the most important aspects of good skincare maintenance. Without good cleansing other products simply don't work as well and the health of the skin becomes compromised from the build up of surface debris and environmental pollutants.
Why should people choose organic skincare?
Firstly because organic provides health conscious consumers with a choice. The majority of our customers tend to be individuals who are looking to reduce their intake of certain mainstream ingredients as a lifestyle choice, but who do not want to compromise on efficacy in the process. I always say as great as it is to have something so natural, it also needs to deliver those results us women all expect from our products. Organic formulas need to be able to be able to stand on their own merit with regards to performance first and foremost which is why we are so proud of SOPHYTO because it's much, much more than 'buy this because it's green'!
How does Sophyto protect the environment?
SOPHYTO totally supports the agricultural industry as opposed to the petrochemical industry – quite evident from our exceptional high levels of certified organic ingredients which average 95%+. But it didn’t just end there; our five partnering production sites, four in the UK and one in Italy, under went exhaustive individual assessment and licensing for organic handling, packaging, manufacturing and waste management, based upon generating ecological, social and economic practices. SOPHYTO’s eco-efficient systems are implemented by simply utilizing fewer resources that create less waste and pollution. For example; waste generated at our UK facilities consists mainly of biodegradable materials, therefore it can be taken to our recycling facility where composting takes place within enclosed ‘clamps’ and oxygen levels and temperature can be monitored and managed to ensure wastes are sanitized and odors contained. All material is composted to meet BSI PAS 100 specification. These standards are made for; raw materials, production techniques and quality control and ensure reliable certified and quality assured composts. The end result... a compost product which is used as a soil improver, topdressing, or is blended with soils for use in agricultural, or restoration projects.
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