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What inspired you to start Pharmacopia?

I was inspired to create Pharmacopia after I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was wanting to live a more natural lifestyle. I was looking for natural, non-toxic skincare to use on my skin, but there was not much to choose from. This was in 1999, way before it was cool to be green, and there were not very many luxurious AND natural lines on the market. I wanted to educate people about the healing powers of herbal and plant ingredients and show that you could have a beautiful, luxurious AND organic product.

I was a graphic designer before I started Pharmacopia so I designed all the packaging myself, to evoke the feeling of old Apothecary (like the ones I had seen while living in France).

What makes your products unique?
I didn’t come from a cosmetic background, so I didn’t make products how you were “supposed” to. I didn’t want to use synthetic ingredients. I set about making products that didn’t have all that bad stuff in them and just used premium, yummy ingredients with only essential oils to scent them. I actually made them in my kitchen before I had them commercially produced. I designed each formula based on the healing properties of the herbs and essential oils in them.. Because I have dry skin, I made sure they were super-moisturizing. And, of course, I made sure the packaging was beautiful too.  
What is your favorite product and why?
I love the citrus body lotion for its rich feel and the way it leaves my skin totally hydrated. It just transports me with its ambrosial citrusy scent. I can be in a bad mood and that totally uplifts me.
Why should people choose natural skincare?
We are exposed to so many chemicals in our environment that are linked to all kinds of illnesses and we don’t even know we are being exposed most of the time. I think it is important to limit our exposure in ways we can control, like choosing natural and organic body care or eating organic foods. Our products contain high levels of organic ingredients to show that we are the real deal and to set us apart for all the so-called natural products out there.
How does Pharmacopia protect the environment?
When you purchase organic products, you are putting the best, pure ingredients on your skin and you are voting with your dollars in support of organic farming and in support of putting less chemicals on the earth. We really have more control than we think. Consumers have caused the growth of the organic products sector this way. We also use minimal and recyclable packaging and our products are 100% vegan and not tested on animals (in fact they are a favorite of actress/animal activist Alicia Silverstone!).
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