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What was the inspiration to create ilike organic skin care?

Aunt Ilike began making ilike organic skin care products in 1958. She grew up in rural Hungary and was raised by her village herbalist grandmother and great-grandmother. She absorbed the herbal knowledge from them at a very early age. As an adult she became an herbalist, biochemist and aesthetician. As an aesthetician working in communism she could only use the centrally supplied, very generic skin care products that did not produce enough results for her clients. Based on her knowledge of herbal properties and effects she started to formulate professional grade skin care products from organically grown fruits, vegetables and herbs. Soon, she became and still is famous of her result oriented products and she became the most respected and celebrated aesthetician and educator in Hungary. She even received the Cross of Merit from the President and the Prime Minister of Hungary. She also got the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association of Hungarian Aestheticians, and was awarded numerous other times. Today at 84 she concentrates on product developments and education and her son also educates and runs the manufacturing.

What makes your products unique?
Our line is based on herbal medicine. We don't use commercially purchased herbal extracts in our products. We use our own hand made herb, fruit and vegetable pulps that retain the living nutirents in the products in their most natural form to enhance penetration and absorption by the skin. We also have complete control on the organic farming, sustainable hand harvesting and every step of the manufacturing process to ensure that no hidden ingredients can be found in our products. These pulps provide the exceptionally high active ingredient content that bring the praised results of our BDIH certified products.  
What is your favorite product and why?
While it is very hard to choose I would say the Stonecrop Whipped Moisturizer. Stonecrop is a succulent plant within the Aloe family that has a wonderful regenerating effect (after sun exposure for example). Our stonecrop products (toner, mask, whipped moisturizer, brightening serum) also hydrate the skin without heavy herbal oils (great for combination skin) and the unique combination of 12 natural acids lighten the skin and help eliminate hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage, hormonal activity or inflammation. Stonecrop also has a distinctive and unforgettable aroma!
Why should people choose organic skincare?
As civilization has developed mass production has taken over. Unfortunately all the benefits of the convenience it has brought is outweighed by the use of more and more came synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients. Today, when babies are born with traces of harmful chemicals in their blood that have been banned for decades, and we all have friends and family members with incurable or stubborn diseases, we need to remind ourselves to do our best to put the least amount of harmful chemicals into our body and our environment. At the same time we should take in as much antioxidants as possible into our bodies to fight free radicals caused by our environment. What we put onto our skin is just as important as the food we ingest. It has been shown by numerous researchers that organically grown fruits and vegetables have approximately 20% higher flavonoid, vitamin and other antioxidant content than conventionally grown produce. And if we are going to choose organic skin care why not choose a product line proven effective for over half a century?
How does ilike protect the environment?
We practice organic farming and sustainable harvesting and manufacturing methods. We do not use synthetic ingredients to enhance or preserve our products that can potentially harm our bodies and our planet. We only use naturally derived, food grade stabilizers that are recognized and accepted by international certifiers, in our case, BDIH. We absolutely do not practice animal testing and expect the same from our vendors. Our business practices (paper and ink use, energy and waste management, cleaning, packaging and shipping products etc) are based around 4 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Renew, Recycle. We educate our employees and our customers in how to protect and preserve the health of our only planet.
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