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What inspired you to start Akhassa?
Lisa and I really wanted to work together and create a business that would keep us connected with South East Asia. Our mother is from Thailand and we spent much of our childhood in South East Asia. It has always been important for us to stay connected. We decided to explore the possibilities of creating a line and then spent about 1 year in Thailand working on product development. Every one of our products has a story behind it and is linked to traditional healing or beauty remedies, some remembered from our childhoods and some we newly discovered. The challenge to update what is traditional and make it useful in the modern world is our constant inspiration.
What makes your products unique?
Our packaging is gorgeous and the airless pump we use for our body lotion and shower cream really helps the consumer get every last drop out of the bottle. We wanted to create a line that is beautiful inside and out. We use high-end ingredients and unique essential oils like Kaffir Lime and Ylang Ylang for our fragrance blends. Our line gives you an authentic sensory experience that transports you to the tropics.  
What is your favorite product and why?
My favorite is the Jasmine hand cream. It really captures the scent of jasmine in the early evening and connects me right away to Thailand where these flowers are ubiquitous, their fragrance wafting through the air. The fragrance is calming and the emollients leave my hands super soft without being greasy.
I love both of our shower creams - Nurture Jasmine Shower Cream and Retreat Lemongrass Shower Cream. The texture of both is incredibly silky and moisturizing, which is the way it leaves my skin as well. I prefer foaming shower creams and ours does that beautifully. The Jasmine Shower Cream has a kind of voluptuous, sensual feeling and the Lemongrass Shower Cream is uplifting and bright but calming.
Why should people choose natural skincare?
For me, being aware of what I am exposing my body to and where items I consume originate from is critical. I like having choices and being able to select products that are right for me. What excites me about the organic movement in skincare is the burst of innovation that has emerged in the industry. We try to take advantage of organic products when it is possible and, although Akhassa is not totally organic we are very cognisant of being as natural as possible. We do believe that skincare is food for your skin and you should be informed about the choices you make and the impact of those choices on your body and the environment.
How does Akhassa protect the environment?
Our packaging can be recycled and we use recycled materials when shipping and work to limit waste.
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