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What was the inspiration to create Dr. Hauschka Skin Care?
The idea that the best way to achieve beautiful skin is by making it healthy! In the early 1960s, our founders Esthetician Elisabeth Sigmund and chemist Dr. Rudolf Hauschka wanted to develop a line of natural skin care products that supported skin health as a means of achieving beauty—a revolutionary concept at that time. They created preparations formulated from nurturing botanical ingredients to work with the skin’s natural processes, guiding it to a state of balance and radiance.

What makes your products unique?
Our company was founded by an esthetician and a chemist who specialized in formulating natural medicines. Since 1967, we’ve built upon their original concept that healthy skin is beautiful skin. Our products deliver the vitality of the highest quality biodynamic, organic and wild-harvested ingredients directly to the skin, working in concert with your skin’s natural processes of cleansing, oil production and renewal. Many skin care products mask or even suppress these processes. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care allows people to care for the health of their skin naturally—and awaken their authentic beauty, both inside and out. And we’re quite proud of that!

What is your favorite product and why?
We believe that healthy, beautiful skin begins with proper cleansing so a favorite product would have to be our Cleansing Cream. This gentle exfoliant cleanses the skin without stripping it of moisture, revealing the skin’s natural vitality. Simply put, our Cleansing Cream is the foundation upon which all our other skin care products build.

Why should people choose natural and organic skincare?
Because they’re made with the best ingredients for your skin. Our natural and organic skin care preparations are safe, carry the energies of their botanical ingredients to your skin, and—most importantly—are astoundingly effective. You don’t need to apply harsh, chemical treatments or employ abrasive methods to care for your skin. Skin care shouldn’t hurt. It should nurture your skin to reveal your beauty.

How does Dr. Hauschka determine what new products to come out with?
Sometimes it’s about making products we have even more effective. Our recently-released lines of Body Washes and Bath Essences include new formulations that make the products perform better.

At other times, we look to see where there is a skin care need that isn’t being met and then we take years to develop a product that specifically meets that need. For example, a few years back we released Melissa Day Cream, which is formulated for sensitive combination skin. We knew our product assortment at that time didn’t include a day cream that best suited this skin condition and decided to address that issue.

What ingredient do you feel can make the most difference in your skin?
To a certain extent, that’s impossible to answer. Dr. Hauschka doesn’t have a “one-size-fits-all” ingredient suitable for everyone. Depending upon a person’s skin condition, the best ingredient will differ. As well, what’s very important to consider is that our products are formulated with the understanding of how each individual ingredient works with the other ingredients in the product. That said, we do have “star” ingredients—anthyllis definitely stands out for its remarkable balancing effect on the skin. It’s found in many Face Care preparations, as well as in a good number of our Decorative Cosmetics.

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