• Go back to the days where every need could be fulfilled using only ingredients from the earth. LaNatura strives to give you skin care products that use natural, healing ingredients instead of harmful chemicals. By combining healing, mood-enhancing, and relaxing essential oils with repairing and moisturizing botanicals, vitamins, and minerals, LaNatura's body care products are able to promote a sense of well-being throughout your entire body.

    In 1990, Sabina Chazanas and her husband Alex launched LaNatura to fill the void for skin and body care products that were healthy for the skin as well as pleasing to the senses. LaNatura is based on aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and therapeutic botanical principles.

    All of LaNatura's products are derived from natural materials. They use only the purest extracts and essential oils available. By producing products in small batches, they are able to maintain the highest standards in freshness. They use local ingredients as much as possible to limit fuel use and employ recyclable PETE containers to preserve the environment. Their line of products includes lotions, creams, scrubs, candles, masks, body washes, and even products gentle enough for the care of your baby. The Sea Water Therapy Body Contour Scrub utilizes the anti-aging powers of Seaweed to smooth the skin.