• Finding the right skin care products can be quite challenging. Fortunately, Pharmacopia has launched a line of skin care products that have been proven to deliver phenomenal results. Pharmacopia Herbal Lip Elixir is one of the most popular Pharmacopia Skin Care products. It is designed to help smooth chapped lips. The active ingredients in this product are chamomile, shea butter and tangerine oil. The chamomile soothes the lips, the shea butter makes the lips soft to the touch and the tangerine oil gives life to the lips.
    Carol, a Skinbotanica customer, had the following to say about this product “It glides on silky smooth and stays that way for hours. There’s no waxy feeling as with a lot of other lip balms.”

    Pharmacopia Organic Body Lotion - Lavender is another product that is offered by Pharmacopia. It helps alleviate dryness. This product is great for people who have eczema. The active ingredient in this product is Lavender. An anomymous Skinbotanica customer had the following to say about this product: “I use this product everyday, and it smells wonderful. It also softens and smooths my skin."