• Live beautifully and give your skin the best natural skin care with the amazing products from ilike organic skin care. Since the late 1950's, Ilike Molnar has been creating a vast array of organic skin care products drawn directly from the Earth in her native Hungary. Living in a land blessed with abundant fruits, vegetables, and herbs, Molnar created products rich in active ingredients and designed for those with skin ranging from oily, to dry, sensitive, mature, aging, or even sunburned skin.

    This comprehensive line of power-packed products is unique in that it is customizable for the specific user. Many of the ilike products can be blended with others, or simply diluted for the desired effect on the skin. Furthermore, many ilike products use water from a subterranean thermal spring, Lake Hajdauszoboszlo. This water provides plentiful minerals and trace elements, as well as a pH level of 9.5 that's essential for healing the symptoms of dehydrated skin.

    ilike products contain no parabens, artificial colors, or fragrances in order to preserve the integrity of the natural active ingredients. ilike products are free of animal by-products and are neither partial nor finished products are tested on animals. If your skin is aging prematurely and you want to boost your youth, try ilike fenugreek gel for wrinkles to remove stubborn fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.