• Lara Deutsch and Michael Cristoffel, co-founders of Stem Organics, wanted to create a company where the products could benefit both the users and the environment. Deutsch, who suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, turned to organic and natural therapies when Western medicine could not help her. So, after years of researching the benefits of natural and organic ingredients, she combined her approach to skin, health, and life care with Cristoffel's style and aesthetics to create the natural and holistic brand of Stem Organics from Australia.

    Stem Organics features three signature ingredients. Australian Kakadu Plum is one of the highest plant sources of age-fighting Vitamin C in the world. Organic Aloe mimics the function of water, but adds essential nutrients. Australian Bush Flower Essences serve to heal and balance skin care. To further its approach to healthy, natural living, Stem Organics supports organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund for Nature which operates around the world to protect indigenous animals and natural environments.