• Paul Penders Skincare has been creating effective, cruelty-free skincare products since 1984. Forced to leave his home in the Netherlands because he refused to test on animals, Paul Penders moved his skincare company to the United States. Today, the Paul Penders brand produces products designed to protect against free radicals. He remains true to his commitment to both his customers and all living creatures. Paul Penders Skincare leaves customers feeling fresh faced. In addition to cruelty-free testing practices, the company does not utilize potentially-irritating ingredients including sulfates, parabens and chemicals. His gentle formulations let your natural beauty shine through.

    Time-Release Jasmine Shampoo infuses tired hair with body, bounce and volume. Perfect for anyone with limp or fine hair texture, the Jasmine Shampoo repairs hair beginning with the scalp. It contains a unique blend of jojoba oil, Panthenol and Alginate Sea Minerals to thicken hair, while leaving it soft and shiny.

    Natural Mascara in black gives you the same effects as your favorite mascara brand while also giving your lashes a healthy boost. Using only plant and mineral-based ingredients, this product protects lashes with antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. “I found this mascara was not irritating to my eyes.” – Sonia, SkinBotanica Customer.