• Keeping in the tradition of healthy skin coming from healthy ingredients, Korres Natural Products has become one of the most prestigious skin care providers. The Grecian company has roots in Athens' first ever Homeopathic Pharmacy and was first established in 1996 to use the extensive resources for the creation of skin-friendly and environmentally-safe products. The complete skin care line includes facial care, body care, and sun-protecting products for all skin types, tones, and conditions.

    All Korres products use purified water that has been through a double reverse osmosis for quality normally found in pharmaceutical-grade products. Also using powerful and renowned ingredients such as cooling Aloe Vera, strengthening Wheat, and hydrating Shea Butter, Korres provides products that will heal, maintain, and preserve the life of your skin and hair.

    If it's softer, smoother, sleeker body skin you seek, try Korres Fig Body Butter. The richly hydrating formula will leave your skin shining. If it's a deep cleanser you crave, try Korres Almond Meal Soft Natural Scrub for gentle exfoliation and a polished complexion.

    The entire Korres line is available at our partner SkinCareRx.com. SkinCareRx and SkinBotanica share the same shopping cart, making your shopping experience simple and convenient.