• Imagine long, strong, and gorgeous nails with the help of an all-natural treatment cream. GoBeauty GoNails Nail Treatment strengthens the nails, making them beautiful and healthy looking without the use of chemicals. GoBeauty was established in 2008 to develop and market cutting edge, scientifically proven beauty products. Their goal is to develop products using innovative ingredients and the most up-to-date scientific studies. The products go through rigorous testing and evaluation to be sure that they deliver on their promise - to give you the most advanced scientifically based beauty products on the market today. GoBeauty is the result of a partnership between dermatologists and wound care experts.

    GoBeauty GoNails Nail Growth Treatment is a soft dense cream formulated to correct damaged nails and strengthen all nail types. Additionally, GoNails cream hardens the nail exterior, and promotes healthy cuticles to better protect your nails. The key to their success is the combination of two new efficacious ingredients- Lipoplastadine and Thymulen 4. Both of these proven components work in concert with a blend of other proven nail strengthening ingredients.