• Have you been searching for a perfume as unique and inspired as you are? Florascent Parfumery boasts an extraordinary line of exquisite natural fragrances designed to mirror the ancient 17th century art of perfumery in Europe. With scents ranging from crisp, cool Lavender, to velvety smooth and buttery Rose and Tuberose, to refreshing and rejuvenating Pimento, Ginger, and Osmanthus, there's a fragrance for everyone.

    Renowned perfumer, Roland Tentunian, uses his artistic expression and craftsmanship to create full-bodied, long-lasting, and flavorful perfumes. Using only the finest raw ingredients to product these one-of-a-kind scents, Florascent then hand-bottles, hand-seals, and hand-packs each perfume into handmade paper packages.

    For men seeking a clean, classic, try Florascent Fragrance for Men - Aqua Colonia - Du Soleil. For the sophisticated woman, Florascent Fragrance Floralis - Ylang is an intriguing and tempting scent.