• Be completely Eco-friendly with the help of Caldrea. It is a line of household products that are as luxurious and visually pleasing as they are healthy for both you and the environment. Caldrea believes in not only earth-friendly products with their blend of natural essential oils, but earth-friendly practices as well.

    Caldrea uses as little paper as possible, relying on electronic communication and using recycled-content paper when necessary. They use a compost machine in the company lunchroom, which the employees take home and use in their gardens. They limit their use of gas by walking, riding bikes, taking public transportation, or carpooling to work.

    All of Caldrea's cleaners, laundry care, and home care products are free of ammonia, chlorine, phosphates, and petroleum distillates. Caldrea's packaging is all 100% recyclable and all liquid products are biodegradable. They do not test on animals.