• Sometimes all you need to do is stop and breathe. Buddah Nose skincare adds essential oils and herbs to make each breath beautifying. Founder Amy Galper, building on her Shiatsu training, has created a line of balms, sprays and scrubs to soothe, strengthen and nourish the body and soul. Using USDA-certified organic ingredients and no chemicals or parabens, Buddha Nose believes in taking good care of your skin. And recyclable packaging means you do good for the environment, too.

    In Yoga and Shiatsu, the "Heart Center" holds all our emotions and creativity. The Buddha Nose Heart Spray is a body and room spray to help clear bad feelings and blockages and allow peace to flow. Sandalwood, Sweet Orange and Chamomile lift the soul and comfort the spirit in times of hormone fluctuations and stress.

    Most of the time it is lovely to be a woman, but cramps, mood swings and back aches can change your mind quickly. Buddha Nose Skincare offers relief in its Girl Balm. Rubbed into the lower belly or back, Rose Geranium, Ginger Root and Black Pepper aid moodiness, inflammation and circulation. You'll be singing again in no time.