• Founder, Sharon Christie specifically developed the Aromafloria Skincare line to focus on the connection between mind and body, understanding that a healthy mind and healthy body are essential for overall wellness. The result is high-quality skin care products with scents that have relaxing effects on your spirit.

    Armofloria chooses only the best of the best, finding its natural ingredients all over the world. Aromafloria is committed to supporting the environment and the small farmer by supporting fair trade and botanical organizations worldwide.

    Mango Ginger Warming Sugar Polish is the perfect way to spice up your routine. The sugar scrub warms the skin, polishing and rejuvenating even the most stubborn skin. The spicy, warm fragrance helps relax the mind, leaving your stressful day at the bathroom door. "I fell in love with the way this made my skin feel.” – Anonymous, SkinBotanica Customer.

    Anyone in love with the Mango Ginger scent should also try the Mango Ginger Body Butter. Full of shea butter, this extra-strength moisture leaves skin soft and supple. It even helps tackle common trouble spots such as knees and elbows. “This makes my skin looks great, it is not dry or itchy.” – Anonymous, SkinBotanica Customer.