• Pioneering holistic skin care was the original mission of Arcona when the Arcona Studio was established in Los Angeles in 1989. By providing alternative anti-aging treatments to the harsh chemical and surgical procedures popular in Hollywood, Arcona became known for high-quality products and the unparalleled results for the skin.

    Arcona utilizes only all-natural, cosmeceutical-grade ingredients that penetrate deep in the skin to improve at the cellular level. In order to achieve the most effective level of performance from the active ingredients, Arcona uses cold-processing for all formulas that keeps them at their most effective, rather than heat-processing which often leaves ingredients without essential nutrients and ineffective.

    Arcona’s Basic Five program is a daily skin care regimen that is designed to nourish and protect the skin throughout the entire day. By creating products that are meant to be used at particular times of the day, Arcona allows you to see visible results in the health of your skin as well as creating long-lasting health.