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The best the world has to offer in natural and organic skin care, body care, hair care and cosmetics is gathered at SkinBotanica.com. SkinBotanica is one of the very first online retailers to cater to the needs of discriminating clients who want to nourish and protect their bodies and the environment. An extensive range of products from natural and organic sources are available for purchase that are in line with the lifestyle choices of many people who seek to avoid products with potentially harmful ingredients and support sustainable, earth-friendly production. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, SkinBotanica is one of only a handful of authorized partners for the world’s highest quality natural and organic beauty brands.

In keeping with our commitment to delivering the best possible experience and results, SkinBotanica provides the knowledge and information needed by clients to help them choose just the right products for their unique needs. A comprehensive online knowledge center contains an extensive library of informative articles, videos and a dictionary feature to educate customers and provide them the knowledge they need to understand which products would work best for them. Licensed estheticians are on staff to provide complimentary phone consultations to answer questions and assist clients in crafting their most effective skin care regimen.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond providing the finest natural and organic products available, and extends to the entire customer experience. From a user-friendly interface, exciting ways to save, free shipping on all orders more than $49, and easy access to friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives who truly care, our customer service is second to none. Customer feedback is absorbed and appreciated as we constantly strive to enhance the entire shopping experience and provide new ways to help our customers find and save on brands that are important to them.

SkinBotanica is the premium online shopping resource for those who seek the very best in natural and organic beauty products. Providing the world’s finest beauty brands and a positive shopping experience are the driving factors behind everything we do at SkinBotanica. We want our clients to understand the products, how they nourish and protect the body and the earth, and to provide them a responsive, pleasurable buying experience. Clients shop at leisure from home, with all the tools necessary to help them make informed decisions aligned with their personal lifestyle choices, with confidence derived from knowing they purchase from a respected, authorized and longtime leader in the online retail community.

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