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DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

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about the product

For a cleanser that isn't scared to get knee deep in grime and clear it all out, try DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. DHC's most popular product, not even waterproof mascara can win against its dirt-dissolving power. The unique, water-soluble formula removes all the pore-clogging muck from your face, leaving it soft and protected with Olive Oil and Vitamin E without leaving a greasy residue.

6.7 fl oz

who it's for
Ideal for those desiring deep cleansing without drying.
key ingredients
Olive Oil helps lock in moisture. Caprylic Triglyceric is an emollient that retains moisture.
how to use it
Massage onto dry face, then rinse.
full ingredients
olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, sorbeth-30 tetraoleate, pentylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, tocopherol, stearyl glycyrrhetinate, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf oil
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This cleanser is so effective - it removes make up and even melts black heads. Leaves your skin moisturized and soft after the wash. I have oily / acne prone skin and this cleanser has helped greatly in improving my complexion.
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This cleanser is so effective - it removes make up and even melts black heads. Leaves your skin moisturized and soft after the wash. I have oily / acne prone skin and this cleanser has helped greatly in improving my complexion.
Does the job at Half the Price, Time Saver
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This DHC oil is very similar to using Shu Imura's oil which is too expensive for a cleanser. Saves time by removing eye makeup and cleansing face with one product. Removes mascara with no problem along w/ face makeup and oily grime on the face. I pump some into one palm, apply to one side of face with fingertip on the other hand (only lightly to closed eyes so that it doesn't drip into eyes), then wipe the oily palm on the dry side of my face so as not to waste any product. After I spread the oil evenly all over, I massage oil into face to remove face makeup. After that, I gently rub eye liner from the bottom eye, then rub top lid while closing eye, repeat with other eye, and rinse whole face with water. Takes only one pump and 2-3 minutes to do all that. I read that the glycolic, malic, aha acids I had been putting on my face is not good long-term. It only helps to make you look better now, but your skin cells suffer later from being overworked and over-reproduced. So I'm sticking to more basic ingredients and none of the AHA or other acids. I am revamping my skincare routine now that I am 52. Will be looking to Sirtuin and Telomere technology for anti-aging, and clay-based cleansers & masks to help w/ combo skin care. Good luck with your skincare. This DHC oil is a good start.
Size is 6.7 oz of usefulness 0
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p.s. The size is 6.7 fl. oz. (the description does not provide the size). Love that it comes in a pump too. My 14-yr old daughter said that it got her blackheads out, and this was on the first day she used it. I did not check her nose to see if it was true. But she is an intellegent girl so I don't doubt her. I was amazed. I don't have blackheads of my own. Before I ordered the DHC oil, I checked the DHC website for the size but went w/ SkincareRX because I was ordering other things, good discount, & postage is free (YAY!!!). Hate to pay S&H on any site (HSN, QVC, most Amazon beauty affiliates). I also ordered argan oil to use as the last step in my night regimen, both on my face and on my hands. Heard it helps with lines/wrinkles and even age spot (we'll see--hard to believe). It's too expensive to use as an eye makeup remover altho people do.
Holy grail cleansing oil
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So glad to see them now carrying this cult-favorite! This is my holy grail cleanser for removing my physical sunblock, makeup etc, without over-cleansing or drying. I could not live without this cleanser.
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